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Teen Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game File for Ages 9 to 12 $30

Tomorrow is Another Day  Mystery Dinner Party $30

A mystery party for ages 11 to 13 with 4 girl and 4 boy actors and unlimited audience guests.

This Antebellum Atlanta theme party involves a ball,buffet dinner and a play.

After a splendid meal, the guests are relaxing and chatting about their dreams and the World’s current events when suddenly one of your guests begins to choke and finally drops to the floor. The rest of the guests are in an uproar. What happened? Who could do such a deadly act to one of their friends! It’s up to the audience to decide “who did it”.

Your “play” will need eight players, (four guys and four gals), plus someone to play “Prissy”, the maid/cook who ideally will be played by the adult in your home (perhaps your Mom).

Select your eight “players” from the most outgoing of your friends, those who enjoy “hamming it up”. You may decide to take one of the parts, yourself. You can invite eight or ten additional guests to your party to be the “audience”. The size of your audience is limited only by the size of the room in which the action takes place. (A garage will be perfect for the “ballroom” if other rooms in your home are not large enough for a set and audience). Invite everyone, particularly those who you select to be the “players”, to wear Antebellum Georgia attire and to use a southern “drawl” during the party and play.

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ASHLEY: Young owner of the prosperous TWELVE OAKS PLANTATION, which he inherited last year at the age of 18. Ashley is a responsible, mature, sensible, likeable young man who has a lot to offer a young lady. He loves Melanie and intends to marry her someday.

MELANIE: A sweet, lovable young lady, who lives on a nearby, but much smaller plantation. She always sees things in a positive light and always sees the best in people, especially her friends. She considers Scarlett to be her best friend.

SCARLETT: A high strung, rather snobbish and sometimes selfish young lady who lives on a plantation adjoining Twelve Oaks. She grew up close to Ashley; they were often tutored together at Twelve Oaks. Their parents were very close and always assumed Ashley and Scarlett would someday marry. Scarlett's parents unknowingly pushed her in that direction.

SUELLEN: Scarlett's younger sister and Wilkes' frequent companion for all of the balls, parties and bar-b-ques held at the several nearby plantations. She sometimes chides her sister for her snobbish ways.

INDIA: Ashley's younger sister; as sensible and likeable as Ashley. She lives at Twelve Oaks with Ashley, but is not jealous of his inheritance. She knows Ashley will care for her as long as they both live.

RHETT: Ashley's best friend and confidante. They met at school and became and remain like brothers. They share most everything, respect each other and support each other's decisions.

HAMILTON: India's steady beau, but has been fighting strong feelings for Melanie for a couple of years, since he moved to Atlanta from Savannah. He met Ashley and Rhett at a town meeting, all three being interested in forming a committee for the preservation of historic buildings, since he lives in an historic mansion in town.

WILKES: Ashley's loyal friend from school days, Wilkes is a frequent date for Scarlett's sister, Suellen, escorting her to numerous affairs around town, but nothing serious is going on here. He lives in town near Hamilton and they have become good friends.

PRISSY: Ashley's and India's maid and cook who has been with the family for 25 years.