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Children and Teen Mystery Dinner Party Game File for Ages 8 to 12 $30

Marooned Scavenger Hunt $30

A scavenger hunt party for 10 girls, ages 9 to 12, with the assistance of 3 adults. Great mystery game with printible slumber party invitations, script and party decorations.

The party involves a CRUISE (ahem: your home will do nicely as the 60′ “LUCKY LADY” cabin cruiser), PIRATES, RESCUERS, a SMALL ISLAND, NATIVES (the neighborhood), a SCAVENGER HUNT (for food, etc.; after all, one could starve on an island in the middle of nowhere), a COOKOUT, and a CAMP OUT (optional – in case the girls are MAROONED longer than 1 day before being rescued).

The party enlists the help of 2 to 6 adults (probably parents) and a willing, cooperative bunch of neighbors who only have to contribute pre-planted food and other items to the SCAVENGER HUNT.

The ADULTS play the parts of: CAPTAIN and FIRST MATE, (ideally, 2 lady parents), a PIRATE or two, (Dads, brothers, etc.), 1 or 2 RESCUERS, (Dads, brothers, etc.). Neighbors in the neighborhood play the parts of NATIVES on the ISLAND.

The 10 girls are passengers on a private cabin cruiser, the “LUCKY LADY” and include 5 from the U.S. and their 5 English friends from Castle Wellington in Stratford, England.

SO, if you’re ready for some real CHALLENGES, ADVENTURE, CREATIVITY and FUN, come aboard the “LUCKY LADY”!

Your guests are invited to come in character. Each character has their own special T-shirt iron-on so you can give them a simple costume when they arrive. Just follow the script in the complete step-by-step instruction booklet and you and your guests are sure to have a unique and fun evening!

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SAMANTHA ELIZABETH DAWES-SMYTHE - You are a typical 16 year-old. You play sax in your school's jazz band and study ballet seriously. You excel in school, especially in science. You enjoy traveling and always plan trips that your friends would enjoy and this is one of them. Your father has booked this private cruise especially for you and your friends as a special "girl time". Even the captain and first mate are women. Your friends call you SAM. ALLISON KATZ - You are Samantha's best friend and next door neighbor. You practically live at each other's home. You love dancing as well, especially ballet, but are not as serious about it as Sam. You have begun to explore Art History as a major interest and as soon as you return from this cruise, will enroll in a class for gifted students in the local university. Your friends call you ALLIE. BARBARELLA DAHL - You are descended from an old aristocratic family and want to become a fashion model more than anything else in the world. You love lots of good and expensive clothes and have more clothes than any of your friends. They borrow from you for many occasions. You also are very vain about your beautiful hair and are always combing or brushing it. Your friends call you BARBIE. ANASTASIA OAKLEY - You, at 16 are very athletic and aspire to the Olympics in the future. A year ago, you tried out for the high school football team and played as well as and better than some of the boys already on the team. However, the barrier has not yet been torn down, you will keep trying. You also like poetry and recently won a national poetry writing contest. Your friends call you ANNIE. GEORGETTE WHIZ - You are the most intelligent of your 16 year-old friends - especially in math and computer sciences. You enjoy solving difficult problems and you tutor your friends on Wednesday evenings over pizza and coke. You are also a coke freak. Your friends call you GEE. GEORGIANNA PEACH - You are the 15 year-old daughter of an English lord and an Australian business woman. You live in London each summer and Sydney each winter. Your family owns a mansion in both cities and you have tons of friends. You are looking forward to this cruise with your friends Sam, Annie, Allie, Barbie and Gee from the U.S., whom you met last year in England. Your friends call you GEORGIA after an American aunt.TERESA BELLE - You are the 16 year-old daughter of a shakespearean actor. You live in Stratford and are studying acting and dance at Covent Garden. You have been selected to play a small part in your school's production of "Twelfth Night". Your friends call you TINKER. ROBERTA SOX - You are the 16 year-old cousin of Georgia. Horses are your passion and you attend one of the most prestigious English riding schools in London. You've lived in London all your life and never want to live anywhere else, but, you'd love to visit the U.S. and see some real western rodeos. Your friends call you BOBBIE. PAULINE DOTTE - You are a 16 year-old typical English gal who just loves mysteries and have read most of Agatha Christi and Oliver Wendell Holmes. You have been to Sam's Aunt Mattie's castle many times and last year got to meet Sam and her 5 American friends at the castle. You look forward to spending more time with them on this cruise. Your friends call you POLKA. PENELOPE TAYLE - You are the 16 year-old niece of the Earl of Stanwick and have always enjoyed mysteries, but your passion is tennis and hope someday to play at Wimbledon. You enjoyed meeting your very athletic American friend, Annie last year and look forward to seeing her again on the cruise. Your friends call you PONY.