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Mystery Dinner and Slumber Party Game File $30

Ghost of Marnie Anderson Mystery Slumber Party $30

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An overnight murder mystery party for 8, 10 or 12 girls ages 9 to 14, with the assistance of 1 adult and 2 additional adults in the morning

Samantha’s great-aunt, Lady Mattie, has invited Samantha and her friends to her castle in Stratford, England for the weekend: the occasion being a party that Samantha’s great-aunt gives each year in memory of a famous actress who lived in this old castle from 1630 to 1650. The weekend will include a formal English buffet supper, 19th century music and games, a casual breakfast, and of course, a murder mystery.

Your guests are invited to come in character. Just follow the script in the complete step-by-step instruction booklet and you and your guests are sure to have a unique and fun evening!
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Character descriptions to set the scene of your party.  First 8 characters are in the 8 player games, first 10 are in the 10 player game, all characters are in the 12 player game. INVITED GUESTS
  1. SAMANTHA ELIZABETH DAWES-SMYTHE - You are the much loved 16 year old grand niece of Lady Mattie Wellington, lately of Wellington Castle, Stratford, England. You have never visited your great aunt in her castle, and this weekend is special because she has also invited your four best friends. You are a typical teenager, and you excel in school. You play alto sax in your school's jazz band and also study ballet. Your friends call you SAM. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for party; casual clothing for breakfast, nighty Props: sheet music
  2. ALLISON KATZ - You are Samantha's best friend and next door neighbor. You love dancing, especially ballet, better than school or anything. You think this is going to be a super weekend - staying in a real castle in England and hope to meet some nice English boys. Your friends call you ALLIE  Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for party; casual clothing for breakfast, nighty. Props: ballet shoes
  3. BARBARELLA DAHL - You are descended from an old aristocratic family and want to become a fashion model more than anything else in the world. You love lots of good and expensive clothes and have more clothes than any of your friends. You also are very vain about your beautiful hair and are always combing or brushing it. You are also excited about the upcoming weekend and look forward to visiting with another member of "royalty". Your friends call you BARBIE. Suggested clothing: designer 1850s ball dress for party, , designer casual clothing for breakfast, nighty. Props: hair brush and mirror
  4. ANASTASIA OAKLEY - You, at 16, are very athletic and aspire to the Olympics next year. You have been trying out for your high school football team for the past two years without success, but will not give up trying. You are really a good quarterback, thanks to your oldest brother. You also like poetry and write a fair amount of poetry yourself. Your friends call you ANNIE. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress (this does not appeal to you); casual clothing for breakfast, PJs Props: football and book of poems
  5. GEORGETTE WHIZ - You are the most intelligent of your 16 year old friends - especially in math and computer sciences. You enjoy solving difficult problems and you tutor your friends on Wednesday evenings, over pizza and coke. You are also a coke freak. Your friends call you GEE. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party , casual clothing for breakfast, Pjs. Props: math book and a 6-pack of caffeine-free coke.
  6. GEORGIANNA PEACH - You are the 15 year old daughter of an English lord and an Australian business woman. You live in London each summer and Sydney each winter. Your family owns a mansion in both cities and you have tons of friends. You are looking forward to meeting Sam and her friends from the U.S. Your friends call you GEORGIA after an American aunt. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party , casual clothing for breakfast, nighty. Props: pictures of your homes in London and Sydney.
  7. THERESA BELLE - You are the 16 year old daughter of a Shakespearean actor. You live in Stratford and are studying acting and dance at Covent Garden. You have been selected to play a small part in your school's production of "Twelfth Night". Your friends call you TINKER. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party , casual clothing for breakfast, nighty. Props: book of plays by Shakespeare
  8. ROBERTA SOX - You are the 16 year old cousin of Georgia. Horses are your passion and you attend one of the most prestigious English riding schools in London. You've lived in London all your life and never want to live anywhere else, but, you'd love to visit the U.S. and see some real western rodeos. Your friends call you BOBBIE. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party , casual clothing for breakfast, Pjs. Props: books or pictures of horses
  9. PAULINE DOTTE - You are a 16 year old typical English gal who just loves mysteries and have read most of Agatha Christi and Oliver Wendell Holmes. You have been to Sam's Aunt Mattie's castle many times and have never seen Marnie Andersen's ghost, but continue to hope that she'll appear during one of your visits. Your friends call you POLKA. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party,casual clothing for breakfast, PJs Props: A few Agatha Christi novels.
  10. PENELOPE TAYLE - You are the 16 year old niece of the Earl of Stanwick and have actually seen Marnie's ghost when you visited Lady Mattie's castle last year. You love mysteries, but your passion is tennis and hope someday to play at Wimbledon. Your friends call you PONY. Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party, casual clothing for breakfast, Pjs Props: tennis racquet
  11. THEODORA BAER- Your family is prominent in the financial world, particularly banking. You are interested in the solar system and are in the process of creating a text book to introduce other young people your age to the mysteries of the solar system. Your friends call you TEDDY.  Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party, casual clothing for breakfast, Pjs. Props: books about the solar system
  12. VIRGINIA SNAPP - Your flair for creating fashion out of nothing has given you an edge with your friends. They are always asking your advice on what to wear for special school events and other occasions. Your friends call you GINGER.  Suggested clothing: 1850s ball dress for the party, casual clothing for breakfast, Pjs Props: tennis racquet
In 8/10/12 player games:
  • LADY MATTIE WELLINGTON, your hostess, is Samantha Elizabeth Dawes-Smythe's great aunt and the mistress of Castle Wellington. She has lived in Stratford, England since she was 3 years -old and was married to Sir William Wellington at the age of 18. Sir William, who is rumored to have been a romantic rogue, died fighting a dual 3 years later. Lady Mattie never re-married. She entertains frequently in the castle, her home which she inherited from her late husband.
  • Winthorp III , Optional, the butler, you can add a real character here who greets the guests on their arrival at the castle. (great role for a sibling or Dad)
2 adults for the morning portion of the party:
  • ELLIE Lady Mattie's maid
  • AUDETTE mystery character brought to the castle by Ellie

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