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Children and Teen Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game File Girls ages 12 to 14 or Co-ed $30

Murder at Bar Starr Ranch Mystery Party $30

A murder mystery party for 14 girls or boys and girls ages 12 to 14, with the assistance of 1 adult.

After a hot, dusty, hard day in the saddle, rounding up and branding calves and mending fences, the Bar Starr Ranch hands and wranglers are arriving back at the bunkhouse for a hot meal and hopefully, an early turn-in. Bar Starr Ranch owner, BELLE STARR, meets the ranch hands and wranglers, as always, by the corral gate after they have unsaddled and groomed their horses. Today she is accompanied by Sheriff Hazel Nutt. A mystery is about to unfold in this western theme party. Plan 2 hours for this co-ed; non-sleepover party. The character profiles will help you determine how many boys/girls to invite.

Your guests are invited to come in character. (Older folk wear Calamine Lotion to ‘age’ their skin). Each character has their own special T-shirt iron-on so you can give them a simple costume when they arrive. Just follow the script in the complete step-by-step instruction booklet and you and your guests are sure to have a unique and fun evening!

Enjoy a great murder mystery party at your next party.
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