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Mystery Party Games

Girls Mystery Dinner Party and Slumber Party Game File For ages 8 to 12 $30

DAME SARAH ELIZABETH DAWES-SMYTHE, 97-year-old matriarch of the family, a partner in the Greentree Jewelry Company, and great grand-mother of Samantha Elizabeth Dawes-Smythe has decided, because of her advancing years, to finally pass along her diamond heirloom antique ring to her great granddaughter, Samantha. This ring has been passed down through generations to the first female born in each generation. It originated with a Duchess of Nottingham, England, who is said to have received the ring from a Duke in Barcelona, Spain when she was 12 years old. This party takes place in Dame Sarah’s country estate in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has asked her great granddaughter to bring along her closest friends and to arrive mid-afternoon for games, supper and the presentation.

Children and Teen Mystery Dinner Party Game File for Ages 9 to 12 $30

Sam’s Uncle Geoff is on an extended vacation in Europe. He has asked his sister-in-law, Meg, to move in with her family to watch his house in his absence. He told her that strange things have been happening there over the past six weeks or less, and he didn’t want the house empty. He didn’t elaborate on the strange happenings.

Mystery Dinner and Slumber Party Game File $30

Samantha’s great-aunt, Lady Mattie, has invited Samantha and her friends to her castle in Stratford, England for the weekend: the occasion being a party that Samantha’s great-aunt gives each year in memory of a famous actress who lived in this old castle from 1630 to 1650. The weekend will include a formal English buffet supper, 19th century music and games, a casual breakfast, and of course, a murder mystery.

Teen Murder Mystery Party Game File For ages 13 to 15 $30

A murder mystery party for 13 girls and boys ages 13 to 15.

Children and Teen Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game File Girls ages 12 to 14 or Co-ed $30

A murder mystery party for 14 girls or boys and girls ages 12 to 14, with the assistance of 1 adult.

Children and Teen Mystery Dinner Party Game File for Ages 8 to 12 $30

A scavenger hunt party for 10 girls, ages 9 to 12, with the assistance of 3 adults. Great mystery game with printible slumber party invitations, script and party decorations.

Teen Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game File for Ages 9 to 12 $30

A mystery party for ages 11 to 13 with 4 girl and 4 boy actors and unlimited audience guests.