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After placing your order,  you should have received an email with this subject: Order Info | SimpliFun Studios with the downlink to download your party (within 5 minutes, it’s automated).  If you did not receive the email, check your spam filtered mail box. You may have entered an incorrect email address, you can order again with the correct email address, and I will refund you for the duplicate purchase, please add a note to your order.

If you need the downlink resent because the downlink expired, use the ‘request additional download at the download link’ or if you’re very short on time, reorder and I will refund you for the duplicate purchase, please add a note to your 2nd order.

AOL members:  If you didn’t get your downlink via an email with this subject: Order Info | SimpliFun Studios  then look in the Manage Mail folder within your AOL mail.  Look in the SPAM mailbox.  AOL might put mail from those not in your address book into the SPAM mailbox.  There’s also a feature called SHOW ME MAIL FROM PEOPLE I KNOW, you may be blocking the mail that way.

If you placed your order with payment of an e-check; it takes 3 days to process the payment with your checking account.  If you need the party file now, you can reorder with your credit card, (you’ll receive the party file link) and request a refund.  I’m not always available to assist you, so this way 24/7 you can still get what you need.

Ebooks purchased from Amazon and other retailers have problems adding custom information into the invitation:
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.x, with ebooks only, has blocked the ability to add the form information.  To solve this (the only way we can) we have to give you a different invitation.  Please request one here.

Downloading Problems:
1a. The most common problem is not right mouse clicking and saving the link on your computer.  The party files are VERY large and don’t display very quickly, you can get odd characters if you’re online and trying to print at the same time.

2a. Remember, you need to have the free Acrobat reader version 7.x  or higher,   

3a. If you click on a file and it does not open, you may not have Acrobat installed correctly.  You can try rebooting and see if the problem resolves itself, otherwise, click here.

4a. If you cannot find the party file you downloaded:
a. Go to Start/Search, locate the file by name,  (look for *.pdf) and click on it; Acrobat should open
b. Use the Start/Find /Files or  Folders, enter *.pdf in Named and within Look in:  select the correct drive, check box include subfolders.  Press find now and click on the correct file when found.

Printing Problems:

1b.  The yellow box instructions print.  You need to deselect the ‘print annotations’ or print ‘comments box’ in the Acrobat print setup. (menu file/print see print range).

2b.  There is a watermark that prints behind the text.   You are using the sample file for printing.  You will need to purchase and download a new party file, the link of which was emailed to you when you purchased the paty.

3b.  If Acrobat fails to print correctly, an example is printing boxes instead of the letters or not printing some pages, check your Acroabt version see #2a  above, if you are using version 7.x or higher:

~Be sure you have saved the file to your hard drive
~Try selecting the “Print As Image” option in Acrobat’s Print setup

~Reboot your computer and only open Adobe Acrobat
~If you installed another version of Acrobat without uninstalling the older version, Acrobat will not function properly.  Uninstall all versions and install again

4b.  If you have entered the personalized invitation information and the personalized information does not print.  You must press enter or tab after each entry in the box, or see 2a above or see Ebooks from Amazon and other retailers.

5b.   I have heard of one customer who had trouble with the T-shirt iron-ons when she set her printer quality setting too high.  If the ink bleeds, reduce the quality setting on your printer.

6b. If you select a section of the party using the bookmark on the left and the bookmarks disappear, press F5.  Then right mouse click in the top left corner of the bookmarks and deselect ‘hide after use’.

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