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Can I access the file and print from more than one computer?

Yes you can, follow the same directions to retrieve and save the party on each computer.

Can I get my PrintIt! party delivered already printed?

Sorry, no. They are only available in digital format. Our business plan is to offer party solutions anywhere on the planet, 24/7, and at the speed of light.

Can I make the T-Shirt iron-on on my printer?

With special paper called transfer paper or T-shirt iron-on paper, you can print the iron-on on all ink jet printers. You can purchase the paper online or at craft and office supply stores. Call first to confirm stock. My local office supply store discontinued selling them. Look for paper that requires the graphic to be reversed as that's how they are in your party file. Avery may have a product that has you print without reversing. Printing mirror image will solve this problem.

How can I get a party off the Internet?

Upon order payment you will receive a downlink for the file. Follow the directions and download the file to your computer. You'll then open Adobe Acrobat 8.0 or higher and open the file you saved on your computer (downloaded). Follow the instructions in the PrintIt! File to print the correct number of party materials.

How can I pay for my kit?

Check, Visa, and Master Card, Paypal and Google checkout are accepted. The credit cards are processed through Paypal. We never see your card number. US dollars on checks. Credit card companies take care of the conversion to US dollars. If you don't want to enter your credit card number on the Internet you can call us.

How can I print the posters on 8 1/2 x 11 paper?

The PrintIt!Kits will print the same on all printers (thanks to Adobe Acrobat). The room banners and mystery party portraits will each print on 4 sheets of paper. You then cut some of the margins off and tape the 4 sheets together. Each kit has a cutting and assembly sheet to help you.

How long should I plan on the party lasting?

2 1/2 to 3 hours for non-sleepover mystery themes. Sleepover mystery themes run about 2 1/2 hours at night and conclude in 1 hour in the morning.

How long until I can get my order?

Directions for the downlink for the PrintIt! Kits and Mystery Party PrintIt! Kits are given on the thank you order screen as well as sent email.

I cannot add anything to cart, I press the cart button, and nothing happens.

You may have popup blocker software running on your computer, this will keep the cart from displaying. You should temporarily disable the popup blocker. Usually there is an icon near the time at the bottom right of your screen, right click on that icon and disable it. Or the window is opening behing your browser window, look at your task bar for the open window. Or you may have to call in your order.

My download link expired, how do I request more?

Email us your transaction number and we will give you additional downloads. If you don't have time to wait for our manual review, re-order and request a refund; which we will grant.

What are your hours?

We're on Pacific time and try to man the phone from 9:00 AM to 6 PM. As a small business, events call us away from the phone but there is an answering system to take your call. E-mail is answered regularly and a good way to contact us because we can respond to you in the late evening and not worry about calling you too late or too early!

What do I get in my kit?

You can view each kit by previewing the party before purchase. All kits contain invitation, thank you cards, room decoration games and activities, the mystery kits include the script. PrintIt! Kits include invitations, games and activities, step-by-step party instructions, thank you cards, room banner, and T-Shirt iron-on graphics (most), and the mystery kits include the script. With this kit you print all the materials yourself.

What if I don’t have a color printer?

If you don't have a color printer you can still use the PrintIt!Games for party fun. Have your child color the invitations with markers or colored pencils.

What if I have fewer or more guests than the party calls for?

To host fewer than the scripted number of players, you can rotate the extra character(s) between the players. To host more, they will need to share parts. If you're not sure which size party to have, make your best guess and print just the invitations and character descriptions. When you know the best size, print the scripts.

What’s the difference between a game and an activity?

An activity results in a created item. Doorknob hanger decorations are an example. The children color/decorate these at the food table while you get the food and drink ready. Later they go home as party favors.

Where is my order information, I ordered and didn’t get it?

If you didn't get your downlink in an email with this subject: Order Info| SimpliFun Studios then look in your spam filter or the Manage Mail folder within your AOL mail. Look in the SPAM mailbox. AOL might put mail from those not in your address book into the SPAM mailbox. There's also a feature called SHOW ME MAIL FROM PEOPLE I KNOW you may be blocking the mail that way. If you don't find anything in your email, please contact us. If you didn't receive the order confirmation either, it's likely you ordered with a different email. You may have to contact us for assistance. If you don't have time you can reorder and request a refund. That will get you the file and give us time to research your payment.

Why is the iron-on text reversed?

When you transfer text as an iron-on, the image must be reversed for the image to be correct on the garment. Don't use your printer's print option for transfers because this will flip the image incorrectly. Everything is ready for you to print on transfer paper using your regular print settings. You don't even need to use fine or high quality, as this may use too much ink and cause bleeding problems.

Why would I want the CD version, is there a difference?

You may have a slow Internet connection or you may want to print from a computer that is not on the Internet, so we offer you the CD. The files are identical, you just don't have to download the party files.

Will my party file expire?

No, the party will not expire on the file you have saved to your computer. You can go back and print if you didn't print everything at once. The downlink will expire, and you will have to request redelivery.