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Free Party Games

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Success Hint

Play music while playing games at the party. Instruct the children that when the music stops they … [Read more...]

Get-to-know-you-bingo for ages 9 and up

Get-to-know-you-bingo is a simple game excellent for large groups of like 30 or so but just as great … [Read more...]

Think Hard ages 11 and up

Collect and put the following  'items' on a table: … [Read more...]

A present for everyone ? all ages

Materials: 1 Pair of Gloves 1 Hat 1 Die (perhaps two dice if group is large) A Prize wrapped … [Read more...]

Train party game for ages 4 and up

This game is ideal with ten or more players. The birthday child plus 3 more players link their … [Read more...]